Refix FlexBag

Monday, November 13, 2017 » hacks

As you know, nowdays lot of products are planned or designed with an artificially limited useful life so it will be no longer functional after a certain period of time - this is a built-in obsolescence. Why would be an except the flexible laundry plastic bucket? When you ever used this you know about an half year daily usage it will be very close to final dead. The weak point of this construction which is probably originally designed: the handles. They will be longer, more plastic and weak after the several transport of heavy laundry, finally they will be broken. You can say goodbye your bucket and rebuy a new one.. Or not. Here is an easy solution to refix the weak point of this type of buckets: stronging the handles with twine.

1. You easily cut the two handles.
2. Twist a stronger twine from the one-line twine (I have used the most simple 3 three line twisting).
3. Cut two hole under the original handles where the bucket is enough strong yet to hold the weight of wet clothes (see images).
4. Place the two twisted twines on both side of the bucket and fix them to the bucket with nodes.
5. When you want the cutted part to make it more refined you can slightly burnish it with fine sandpaper.

You are ready you can use this basket for years, the weak point of your flexbag is eliminated.

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Wood Babygate

Saturday, March 4, 2017 » hacks

When you're looking for babygates you can face the problem that almost the all of babygates are made for simple installation. I mean you have the two wall on left and right side, you only need to simple fix the gate to one wall then the lock on the other side. If you are surfing on internet you find several elegant babydoor solutions to this idealized situation. But what's happen when you are having a wall, on the other side there is a space and no place for fixing the door or even the lock. On this point the standardized babygates are not appropiate, here need to use some hack for instance like here. I've spent some evenings in front of our stairs to thinking how could be it accomplished without harming so much and minimalizing the tiled and our walls. I've created some sketch, skeleton of the plan and then I went to the closest building mater shop and purchased the items.

-5 metres 1.80CM long rough wood slats (thickness: 2CM) [to the outer frame of door and fence]
-7 metres 1.80CM long rough wood slats (thickness: 1.5CM) [to the inner element in the door and fence]
-8pc "L" shape corner metal fixer (1CM) [to the corner of outer frames of door and fence]
-1pc lock [as on the picture]
-2pc door hinges [as on pics]
-lots of 3 types of wood screws [best size to choosen corner metal fixes; slim screw to slats; best size to the choosen door hinges]
-4pc screws [3pc to the wall and 1pc to the floor]
-2pc worm hose clamp
-wood lacquer

1., Measure and draw the place of three screw on the wall and the place of the screw on the floor then drill the four holes
2., Cut 9pc 80CM parts of thinner slats (to inner slat of gate and fence) and 5pc 80CM parts of dicker slats (4pc borders for fence and gate; 1pc holder to the wall)
3., Then cut 2pc 100CM slats (upper and bottom parts of gate) and 2pc 40CM long slats (upper and bottom parts of fence)
4., Drill three holes on one of 80CM long dicker slat wich going to the wall
5., Build up the fence with wood screws as you can see on the picture and drill a hole into bottom slat for screw that fixes on the floor
6., Build up the gate with wood screws
7., You will have three items: fence, gate and holder that going to the wall - paint carefully all of parts with wood lacquer and let it stand for on day
8., Screw up the gate holder slat to the wall (be sure that it's very stable cause it must hold the whole gate)
9., Screw up the 8pc L shape metal fixer to corners of gate and fence then screw up the door hinges
10., Install the fence with worm hose clamps and install the gate to holder slat which already fixed to the wall
11., Install the lock to the door and fence as you can see on the picture
[ 12., Optional: I wanted to slightly eliminate the weight of gate which is on the holder slats and door hinges so added a plus wood piece
under door when it's closed. When the gate is closing it must be little lift the whole gate to put on the wood piece. ]

We use this gate for months and just working well, our babygirl is on safe when she is doing some midnight walk or early morning vagabond tours without us!

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Simple aquarium moonlight

Saturday, January 14, 2017 » hacks

When you roll over the topics get aquarium moonlight on internet or even walk in an aquarium shop you can find several LED strips, lamps and different light variations could be installed to different size of aquariums. The difficulties that sometimes you can't simple decide because of sizes and lengths, the sellers are talking about the importance of lumen strength and parameters, type of fishes they even like the moonlight or even do not like that. And as you getting more deep into the theme the prices are going upper and upper then you stand confused, but actually you want to have a simple LED strip that you can sometimes turn on in the dark and it takes maximum one-two hours to make it ready and cheap.

-Order a max. 12V waterproof hot 5050 SMD blue LED strip light flexible car decor e.g.: from e-bay
-Get an inline cord lamp switch from the closest shop
-Get a used phone/router/modem/toy 8V-12V power supply, I'm sure it's somewhere in your home..
-Electrical tape
-Wallpaper cutter

Cut the adapter cable into two parts, unfold the thin black cable with wallpaper cutter and you will find two different color cables (probably red V and thinner black G).Take a screwdriver, take off the cover of switcher and bind the red and black cables to the two different side of switcher that comes from the power supply. Then take the cut cable, unfold also the thin black cable and bind the black cable into appropriate side of switch where the opposite side the black cable is bound. The other side of switch bind the red cable to the red one. Fix the cables with the screws then screw back the cover of switcher. e., Now unfold the hanging black cable to get red and black cables. Bind the black cable to black cable of LED strip then the red one to red LED strip cable.
Now fix all of binds with strong electrical tape.
Install the two LED strips to the top of aquarium on two different side (I did it with electrical tape as well) and lead out from the aquarium the cable, place the switcher and put the power supply into a socket.

Simple and cheap aquarium moonlight is ready to use!

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Fixing Whirpool AWE2519 washing machine

Saturday, October 15, 2016 » hacks

In the last month began our washing machine story that just closed nowdays. After 6 years intensive usege our washing machine went wrong from one to another day during an ongoing washing program. When I wanted to turn it on there was'nt any led which showed any little sign of life in machine. I have unconnected it from the socket, moved the plastic parts until reached the CCU board and cables. Connected to the socket again and very carefully tested the cables with voltage tester. After very carefully testing fixed that the cables are good, but the electricity is vanishing some way on CCU board. Then I have called a familier washing machine mechanic - for who after telling him the full story and the problem is on the control board - automatically suggested to throw out the whole machine. Because the error code can be just read by laptop, control board is not fixable only replaced by service, can have more problems etc.
After a little research on the net it was clear to buying a new CCU board is not an option, the result is buying a new wasing machine.
I did not want to accept it. So just surfed through several forums and webpages, was reading about diagnostic tests and possible malfunctions until came in front of me that somebody posted and wrote a choke that was kind of destroyed on his board. I've checked my board and according to the attached photos found that having the same issue. Okey let's move in this way :). After a small research on the net I have just found a very instructive description and the solution, to my suprise on ebay.

Repair KIT Whirlpool Laden Ignis LNK304 R020 L1373 L1782 L1790 L1799 L2158 L2524

Details just copied from the e-bay site:

If you are looking at my auction it means that you have an issue with a defective Control Board in the washing machine or dryer Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Polar, Laden, Ignis brand.
Boards have marking L1373, L1782, L1790 (dryer), L1799, L2158, L2524. Pictures of boards in the gallery. In these machines power supply gets burned very often. The LNK304, 22Ohm resistor (or 33Ohm) R020 and L003 0,47mH choke (470uH) are burnt like on the pictures. . Thanks to my set repir kit you can save a lot of money!
I worked in the electronics design department in Whirlpool (in Poland) and dealt with the problems with the quality of Control Boards. They were produced by different companies. First Bitron and Invensys, then Flextronics (replacing Invensys). Board for dryers was produced by Diehl Controls Polska (marked DCP and Diehl AKO)
The programmer has been used in many models of washing machines Whirlpool Bauknecht, Laden, IgnisAWO AWE AWD / eg. AWE4316 / AWO / D41105 / Polar PTL 1000 pfl 1019 Whirlpool dryer AWZ414 and many other power supply which is based on an integrated circuit LNK304P.


Can cope with the repair?
Repair does not require any special skills, and certainly those who used the soldering iron will manage the rapir. To repair soldering is required if you do not have your own ask your friends. Repair is succesfull in 90-95% of the cases, so it's worth a try!

Diagnosis of Damage:
If the machine is completely dead, when you turn lights nothing we suspect damage to the Control Board. Typically, the inverter is damaged LNK304, resistor R020 and L003 choke. Sometimes the diode D029, D030, D006 and varistor RV07. We also recommend exchanging our electrolytic capacitors, better quality, to extend the life of the Control Board.
Remember that before getting to the Control Board unplug the machine.

Reason for failure:
You can read ead a lot of information how manufacturerers design deviced do break just after warranty period. Well, there are two causes. These Control Boards were designed in Italy and unfortunately were one of the greatest failures Whirlpool, which cost the company tens of millions of euros. And the second reason is the excessive emphasis on the savings and usage of components with the lowest possible parameters to ensure correct operation.

.. so just ordered the repair kit. In the envelope psokol78 put an instruction that helped me identifying the items on board and gave useful suggestions how to fix it. On photos below you can check the burned L003 choke, the steps unconnecting the board from washing machine and the received instruction paper. Unfortunately I have forgot to take photos after the successfully installation and about working washing machine but when I am typing this rows we are over 10 succefully washes. :)

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Fixing electric hair clipper

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 » hacks

Right now, before christmas day my electric hair cutter is broken. The adapter has fall down and this shit is not working anymore, the little red led is absolutely not blinking. So the cable is useless. But sure I did not want to go next day to the barber cause I do not like it and have lots of other things to do. You know it's christmas time.

I was thinking: what is inside of cutter, what's the heart of cutter? A little gear motor that functions from 4-5V. And where do I get 4-5V constantly? From USB cable. Solution: get an old any telephone USB cable, cut the useless mobile socket, bind the thin cables to the socket that's going to the cutter (which ones? at USB the red /VCC/ and black /GND/ are the winners) and use electrical tape. Voala!

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10 minutes tech maintenance and tomorrow not going to barber. Smile!